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Berries help you in weight loss

Berries are the perfect food for weight loss . They have a natural fructose sweetener, that will satisfy your appetite for something sweet, and enough fiber to absorb some of the calories you eat. British researchers found that the high content of insoluble fiber in fruits, vegetables, and grains reduces a lot the calories from the foods you eat, so that you can lose weight without even restrict the foods you eat. Moreover, berries are a great source of potassium and can help you control your blood pressure. Blackberries have 74 calories, raspberries 60 and strawberries 45. So use your imagination and enjoy the berries you like.

Beer and its calories - See if it's gonna make your belly fat or not

Most people believe that beer swells and bulges. One study showed that beer is not responsible at all for the increase and abdominal bloating but its accompanying. The survey showed that those who drink beer, they are accompanying it with snacks with high fat content such as potato chips, sausages, pasta and other similar. The beer-bulge is simply a myth . So if you like beer, it can be enjoyed in moderation. Beer ,even if it seems to be weird, thanks to its low caloric value is ideal even in diet , but to avoid snacking accessories. The caloric value of the alcoholic beverages depends on the content of  alcohol each drink has. In the case of beer alcohol content is about 5% and 12% in the wine. In the whiskey, vodka and in other spirits the amount of alcohol is about 43%. In other words, beer has less alcohol, fewer calories and fatten less than the wine and other spirits. A glass of beer has only 100 calories and a glass of white wine has 120 calories and red wine about 130 c

Foods to increase muscle mass

Hello to all readers of my blog, today we will see the basic foods for building muscle mass. As we know and we've said many times muscle mass can be build with protein so if we want to build muscle mass, the basis of our diet should be protein. So each of our meals besides carbohydrates, which they should have, they should also be accompanied necessarily with a protein source . The diet is undoubtedly necessary to obtain a Ripped muscular body. Always we need to know that to achieve a perfect fitness body or bodybuilding everything should be combined together like a circle. Necessarily, we have to do proper diet, proper workout and rest sufficiently to restore our muscles. This cycle should always be done if we want to achieve the maximum results. However, everyone's DNA is going to play a big role. Rightly or wrongly, the DNA affects quite heavily in how our bodies are going to be, but it is not a determining factor. Below you will read about some foods with high quality

Tips for a better metabolism and fat burn

Do you want to lose weight and you are not coping? Below we will refer to the basic tips that we can do in our diet to improve our metabolism and burn more fat. 1. We determine our caloric needs : to lose weight , the calories you eat should be less than the amount of calories you burn. Everyday, the number of calories you eat should be the same and once a week you may eat more calories than usual to keep your metabolism active. 2. Many frequent meals: eat the calories by dividing them into as many meals is possible per day. We should not eat a couple of times, all the food together. 3. Eat fearlessly lean protein: a lean protein such as chicken breast, tuna in water, salmon, egg whites, turkey etc. will help us burn fat by keeping your metabolism in full swing. 4. Exercise : try working out every day, if you're bored gymnastics, prefer the stairs instead of the elevator and any other opportunity to move without being bored. Do not stay seated all day on the couch.

Fitness advantages

1) Fitness increases power brain Exercise not only improves our body, but it also helps mental function. 2) Fitness helps you to be more productive Helps us to be better, faster and consistent in our work and in any other occupation we do. Exercise increases energy levels and serotonin and we have greater mental clarity, confidence and vitality. The excuse a lot of people have, that they don't have time do not stand at all. Watch fit people, how productive they are and how many things they do in one day. 3) Fitness reduces stress Stress is devastating especially to people who are extremely anxious. Also it is responsible to a great extent, about obesity. Without stress everything runs smoothly and perfectly. 4) Fitness keeps away many diseases Researches say that exercise slows and helps prevent many diseases such as heart disease, strokes, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. 5) Fitness for a strong heart The heart is the most impor

Diet to increase muscle mass without fat

I will present two programs with nutrition for volume & ripping simultaneously. The diet plan consist two programs, one for your workout days and another for the days that you do not workout. These programs as we said, help to get the maximum performance in volume & ripping simultaneously. Nutrition Program for the training days Meal 1 10 egg whites (if you want you can put 1-2 yolks) 1 cup oats and a banana (put some raisins if desired) 1 glass orange juice Meal 2 180 - 200 grams of chicken breast A normal potato (boiled or jacket) Salad Meal 3 Pure protein (2 scoops) 5 rice cakes Meal 4 180 - 200 grams of turkey breast 2 cups of rice Meal 5 180 - 200 grams of lean ground beef 1 slice lean cheese 2 slices of whole wheat bread Salad Meal 6 Pure Protein (2 scoops) Nutrition Program for the days we do not have training Meal 1 10 egg whites 2 slices of whole wheat bread Meal 2 180 to 200 grams of chi

Constipation and its tackling

Constipation nowadays, is a common occurrence and it affects a significant number of people in the Western world. Specifically, the frequency that it appears is influenced by the age and gender. The percentage of its display through epidemiological studies, is 12.5 23%. It is influenced by several factors, but it is not yet known and mainly it affects women. It also affects older people, due to decreased in food intake, reduced motility, muscle atony of the perineum and various medications. Some causes of constipation  •  Lifestyle, such as inadequate food intake or fiber, ignoring or suppressing the feeling of defecation, insufficient exercise, pregnancy. • Drug site effects (eg opiates, anticholinergics, antidepressants) • Endocrine metabolic diseases(hypothyroidism, hypercalcemia, diabetes mellitus) • neuromuscular diseases (disease Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury-spinal cord, etc.) • Psychological (depression, anorexia) • Irritable bowel • Abuse o