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Fiber in foods (Vegetables - Fruits - Cereals - Legumes - Nuts)

Vegetables Foods Quantity Fiber Steamed Endive 100 grams 4,95  grams Endive raw 100 grams 1,55 grams Swiss Chard steamed            100 grams          2,40 grams          Pigweed raw 100 grams 3,08 grams Green beans cooked (koukia) 1/2 cup  4,5 grams Okra cooked 100 grams 4 grams Green beans 100 grams   1,94 grams Cabbage 1/2 cup 1,4 grams Lettuce 1 cup 0,8 grams Carrot 1/2 φλιτζάνι 2,3 grams Broccoli 1/2 φλιτζάνι 2,2 grams Cauliflower 1/2 φλιτζάνι 1,1 grams Tomato normal size 1,9 grams Fruits Foods Quantity Fiber Kiwi 100 grams 2,16  grams Pear 1 medium size 4,5  grams Blackberries 1 cup 7  grams Roasted Quince  100 grams 4,73 grams Green Apples  100 grams 2,36 grams Black grapes 100 grams 2,15 grams Black figs 100 grams 4,39 grams Green figs 100 grams 4,28 grams Fresh Apricots 3 medium 1.8 grams Dried apricots 5 halfs 1,4 grams Dried palm fruits  3 1,9 grams Dried plums  3 3 grams Raisins 1/4 cup 3,1 grams Apple 1 3,5 grams Ban

Protein - Carbs - Fats

Today I have a valuable article for you, which it should be read, especially if you want to build a bodybuilding or fitness body, or even if you just want a more beautiful body. We will refer to the choice of the basic foods which are proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  Most of us, when we want to either lose weight or gain weight (muscle mass), we should pay full attention in exercising. Sometimes we begin going to the gym and working out like crazy, without being careful on what we eat, and very few of us try to eat a little better than before.  Soon, we will wonder why we didn't lose any weight or why we didn't build any muscle mass and so in the end we decided to completely give up (which is the worst mistake), without considering what mistake we did to fix it. The blame is on the diet, 90% of us do not follow a proper diet, but waiting to see results in the first week. In this article we will refer to the major choices that our every meals need to have . Thes

Best ways to lose weight fast and healthy

If we search  "how to lose weight / kg" on google, we  will find hundreds of different articles. Do not trust where you see "Lose weight without exercise and sweat" "how to lose 10 pounds easily" "slimming without effort" and various other stuff. Most of them, if not everything, are misleading, so do not be tricked. To lose weight and get a shapely body, needs effort and sacrifice, especially in food. By eating "junk" is not going to help you lose weight. Do not see some people who eat whatever they want and have a slim body, these people have very good body type (DNA) and whatever they eat they burn it easily. Unfortunately we are not in this category. However we should not be despair as we can make a more fit and healthy body in the following ways: No to crash diets (you lose pounds will take back directly after the end of the diet) No stress (stress is the worst enemy for weight loss) Yes to the right - healthy  diet (eat

14 tips to lose fat

The most important advises that should be kept constantly in our mind if you want to lose fat and weight simultaneously Drink lots of water Many vegetables in every meal: Rich in nutrients with few calories. Eat lots of fiber Workout: Do not limit ourselves only to nutrition and diet. Prefer the stairs: Avoid the elevator and generally prefer walking at every opportunity you find. Many small meals: Divide the calories you eat in more meals during the day. Do aerobic: For those who do weights, add to your program aerobic, 2-3 times a week about 40 minutes at least. Do not listen to those who say that you will burn muscle mass, if you eat properly and full meals you are not going to burn muscle tissue but fat. Attention to our breakfast: Breakfast is the key point in fat loss and therefore weight control, eg. a good breakfast should contain oatmeal which is slow release carbohydrates, to keep you during the day, My favorite breakfast is eggs, oats and a banana. Attention

5 workout tips for maximum fat loss

The way we are training  with weights has a huge effect on the fat we are going to burn. In this article we will look at some training techniques that will help in losing fat. These techniques are for advanced and athletes who do not experience health problems. Tricks at weight training for more fat/weight loss:  1) Smaller breaks Research has shown that people who rest for 30 seconds between sets, burned over 50% more calories than when they rested for 3 minutes. A good solution I recommend is 40 seconds rest between sets. 2) Use more "core exercises" with weights Prefer compound exercises such as deadlift, squat, exercises with free weights and generally exercises that exert great pressure using the entire body to stimulate the heart and respiratory system. 3) Less machinery and isolating exercises As we said in the previous tip, prefer free and compound exercises to make our heart to pump and lungs to work perfectly. 4)More repetitions The more reps, the

8 mistakes we should avoid when we workout

Today we look at the most common mistakes, people do in the gym, so we will be able to avoid them. Mistake 1: many hours in the gym Our workout should last up to 60 minutes. If  we go beyond this limit we will start running out of energy, glycogen and glucose. We will be exhausted, our body will need a source of energy, however where it will be found? It will only be found in our muscle  tissue, where it will use protein as an energy source. In other words,it will burn muscle mass, which you do not want. So overtraining has the disadvantage of burning muscle mass. Those who think that the more exercise you do the better, after that I hope you change your mind. Mistake 2: We do not preheat Many of us go to the gym and go directly to the weights. This increases too much the risk of muscle injury. Always, before we begin our workout we have to do a 10-15 minutes warming up with stretching. Mistake 3: Exercise with an empty stomach A lot of people, do that mistake and they work o