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Protein, carbohydrate and fats that should be avoided

Protein which has to be avoided: Meat rich in fat Dairy products rich in fat Snacks (fast food/ junk food) Whole milk Carbohydrates which have to be avoided: Normal bread Foods with added sugar Sodas and soft drinks with added sugar Orange juice from trade Toasted baguettes, breadsticks Sweets Fats which have to be avoided: Margarine Vegetable Oil Corn Fried oil Fried or pre fried products The above food should be avoided as much as possible

12 tricks to boost your metabolism

How can I make my metabolism to continuously burn fat? Except from the workout, which is one of the basic factors for a better metabolism, there are also some other tricks. Here I give you 12 tips which can help you make a better metabolism . Eat protein in every meal. Rich sources of protein are lean meat, legumes and fish. Be careful in each serving of protein, which it should not exceed the 30 grams. For example, 30 grams are equivalent to one cup of low fat cottage cheese or 2 pieces of chicken breast without the skin.    Avoid foods that are rich in cereals and flour, like bread and pasta. At least for the time you wish to boost your metabolism, eat small portions of grain. Avoid processed foods : say no to ice cream, chocolates, deli meats and mayonnaise. Reduce starch : make sure that you eat one serving of starchy food per day. This portion should be a part of your breakfast or your lunch but not of your dinner, as your stomach will hardly be able to digest that

Nutrition which helps to get ripped

Daily meals to rip our body Nutrition  program with 6 daily meals for a ripped body and fat burning Meal 1 (08:00) 10 egg whites, 1 egg yolk 60 grams Quaker oats Meal 2 (11:00) 200 grams of tuna in water 150 grams of boiled potato 150 grams of boiled vegetables 1 tablespoon virgin olive oil Meal 3 (14:00) 200 grams chicken breast 150 grams brown rice Meal 4 (17:00) 200 grams chicken 100 grams sweet potato Meal 5 (20:00) 150 grams of salmon 250 grams of steamed vegetables 1 tablespoon virgin olive oil Meal 6 (23:00) 150 grams chicken breast 250 grams of steamed vegetables The quantities of food are decreasing or increasing depending on the weight and the needs of the athlete (and if you’re a male or female). Have a good diet.  J

Best food for muscle gain

This is a list with the best food for fitness, muscle building and the bodybuilding, which they have to be almost 80% of our daily nutrition. Also, it has to be mentioned, that we must eat all those food every day, and not just choose to eat one or two of them which we like. The best nutrition for fitness, muscle building and bodybuilding Proteins Fish (salmon, tuna, cod) Chicken breast Turkey Eggs Whey protein Lean red meat Cottage cheese Carbohydrates Oatmeal (Quaker) Vegetables Legumes Sweet potatoes Multigrain bread (wholemeal) Pasta (small portions) Fat Virgin Olive oil  Linseed Oil Almonds, nuts Peanuts (rare and small quantities) For those who lift weights, an extra 20% of your daily calories should come from the following sources, so that the recovery from your strenuous activity/ exercise will be improved.  For the post-workout meal we have to consume a lot of carbohydrates together with protein , for example: Protein:  Whey Prote

How can i increase my metabolism

Would you like to improve your metabolism , lose fat while your weight is going to be the same? Then follow these tips: 1. Determine your daily caloric needs! Do not consume more food than needed. 2. Many frequent meals ! Do not eat all your food together; divide your meals in five or six meals per day. By doing that your body will consume more energy to digest the food, as a result the metabolism is going to increase. 3. Drink as much water as you can! Water not only creates the feeling of satiety but it can also increase the rate at which  we burn calories. 4. Exercise! If you do not exercise and you can’t integrate exercise into your daily routine, then try to “move” as much as possible. You can use the stairs, go for a walk or anything that keep you away from sitting on your chair or couch. 5. Boost your muscular system! Our muscular system consumes more calories than fat. Consequently, the more muscle we have the more calories we consume. 6. Consume low

Muscle diet plan

The following diet has all the main meals we have to eat in a period that we are trying to make muscle volume so that we will maximize our muscle mass. All the meals are natural foods for volume, without protein supplements. If you want you can take some supplements but even if you don’t this nutritionist (diet plan) is complete. The quantity of the foods can be customized according to your needs. Nutrition for muscle volume (full meals) Meal 1 (7:00) 80 grams of oats 3 whole eggs, 6 egg whites 1 slice whole wheat bread 1 tablespoon peanut butter 1 glass of milk 1 fruit Meal 2 (10:00) 150 gr. Tuna in water 250 gr. Brown rice (boiled) 2 tablespoons olive oil Salad Meal 3 (13:00) 150 gr. Chicken breast 250 gr. pasta with cheese Salad Meal 4 (16:00) 200 gr. Lean ground beef 250-300 gr. Baked or boiled potato 1 zero fat yogurt Training 17:30-18:0 Meal 5 (after the training 18:45) 8 egg whites 2 bananas Meal 6 (20:2