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Increase testosterone using natural ways

Testosterone is a male hormone that acts on muscle mass, on the reproductive ability of man, to the hair and in his sexuality etc. When a man becomes 30 years old, his testosterone levels start to diminish. Today we will have a look at some ways to improve testosterone levels using perfectly natural ways, just with some changes in our daily habits like these:  1) Weight and resistance training  We should prefer compound exercises and exercises that involve large muscle groups, which will help in the secretion of growth hormone. Examples: Seats (squat - is the best exercise) Deadlifts Chest  and shoulder presses Rowers workout 2) Body fat We maintain a normal body fat percentage for our body. The overweight men have lower testosterone levels. 3) Zinc The zinc intake of purely natural food sources will help increase testosterone Natural dietary sources of zinc: Oysters (these aphrodisiacs are considered as the best dietary source of zinc) beef liver

40 secrets you need to know to be fitter than ever

1. No spinach and celery in arthritis . 2. Not many kinds of protein  foods in the same meal (fish , meat , chicken , feta cheese, yogurt ). 3. Dandruff is the result of constipation and eating a lot of meat. 4. Removing tonsil cause pharyngitis . 5. Abuse meat and eggs at a young age creates eczema (a skin disease) . 6. The dyspeptic have to watch salads with too much oil . 7. The nerve and brain atonic are caused, among with other reasons, due to the lack of organic minerals from your daily diet. 8. The wheat germ contains all sorts of vitamins. 9. Avoid the soles of shoes with rubber. 10. Start walking... 11. Binging creates all other diseases slowly, but inevitably . 12. A truly healthy person is one who says " I feel like a little kid" 13. Constipation weakens sexual urges. 14. Pregnant women often suffer from low hemoglobin and albumin because they eat food rich in scrapbooks and poor in minerals . 15. Chestnuts are slow to digest (5 hours)

3 training secrets

Proper training is very important. What each trainee wants, is to improve the body regardless of whether doing fitness, bodybuilding or just regular exercise to have a shapely body. Basic training secrets: Proper technique The proper technique of each exercise is very important, before loading kilograms you must first learn well how to perform the exercise. By doing an incorrect technique, except that you will not manage to get your muscles stressed, there are great chances of injury. Changing training Our bodies adapt relatively easily to training schedule. The secret here to see continuous improvement in our body is to make changes to the way we are training , the repetitions, techniques (super set, drop set ...) and exercises. Progress in training Equally important is to get better after each workout and challenge our muscles. To do this you need to push the weight or reps. By putting goals you will succeed, for example if we do an exercise of 8 reps with 100 pounds, t