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Women and weight training

The weight training for women is becoming more popular. Slowly the old prejudices are leaving. By doing weights and resistance exercises , a woman will never lose her femininity or make a body like hulk, only a tight, shapely and fit body . Benefits and seven reasons which show that a woman should do weights 1.Weight and fat loss Research shows that women who do weight they gain muscle mass and lose more fat. Also increasing muscle mass makes the metabolism working faster and thus burn more calories. 2.Muscle mass and fat Many women fear that even this minimal muscle mass they can gain with weights will turn into fat if they stop. This is a big myth, muscle mass has nothing to do with fat and there is no way to turn muscle into fat or vice versa. 3.Muscle strength and physical endurance Unlike men, women have far fewer hormones that contribute to muscle hypertrophy, so women do not get this bloating and huge muscle mass as men. Women doing weights will surely gain enough str

Deadlift - 8 Benefits

Deadlift is one of the most basic exercises and it is as good as the seats, however a lot of people avoid to do it, by hearing the word "deadlift" a phobia catches them. So more people who get involved with gymnastics avoid it. Moreover, the deadlift is suitable for women as it is for men. The execution mode of deadlift is like the image you see below, it would be good, especially if you try for the first time to do deadlifts, to have someone who is more experienced with you. The deadlift have many beneficial qualities, let's see the good that this exercise  offers to us: 1.Improves posture A lot of people, mistakenly think doing deadlift will cause problems in the spine. Performing properly the deadlift there is no way to get injured or have any pain and will even help to align your spine. 2. It exercises several major muscle groups simultaneously The deadlift train the body from the neck up and toenails! 3. Enhance metabolism With deadlifts you c

Gym basics

Simple answers to the most common training questions l've tried and failed to lose weight in the past. Why will it work now? If your previous efforts have been unsuccessful it has nothing to do with your body being resistant to exercise and everything to do with your approach. In other words, you probably didn't have a realistic goal, a focused and progressive training plan or eat the right foods at the right time - or a combination of all three. Anyone can lose body fat to transform significantly the way they look but that won't happen overnight. But the six-week training and nutrition plan in this book, if followed without fault, will give you a better body. Can I turn fat into muscle? No, fat and muscle are two totally different types of tissue and it’s impossible to turn one into the other. Muscle is active tissue that burns calories, while fat tissue stores excess energy. The right training programme will burn off these fat stores and build

8 benefits of drinking coffee

A lot of people are wondering if coffee is a good beverage for us or if it just do harm to our health ? Surveys show that enjoying your coffee in moderation (1-3 cups of coffee a day) can take advantage of its beneficial properties. Unlike when we drink 4, 5 or even more cups of coffee per day, would surely have to face problems accompanied by its overconsumption. Coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants, which have beneficial effects and protect us from free radicals. The main antioxidants of coffee are chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid and the melanoidins. Properties of coffee It is excitatory and increases your positive mood It's an antidepressant drink Caffeine reduces the risk of skin cancer Eliminates muscle pain after heavy exercise - better than aspirin Acts against cardiovascular disease Helps memory and cognitive function, especially in elderly people  Consumption of black coffee without sugar or milk helps teeth by destroying the bacteria, which are res