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Fiber in foods (Vegetables - Fruits - Cereals - Legumes - Nuts)



Fiber in food
Steamed Endive100 grams4,95  grams
Endive raw100 grams1,55 grams
Swiss Chard steamed           100 grams         2,40 grams         
Pigweed raw100 grams3,08 grams
Green beans cooked (koukia)1/2 cup 4,5 grams
Okra cooked100 grams4 grams
Green beans100 grams 1,94 grams
Cabbage1/2 cup1,4 grams
Lettuce1 cup0,8 grams
Carrot1/2 φλιτζάνι2,3 grams
Broccoli1/2 φλιτζάνι2,2 grams
Cauliflower1/2 φλιτζάνι1,1 grams
Tomatonormal size1,9 grams


Kiwi100 grams2,16  grams
Pear1 medium size4,5  grams
Blackberries1 cup7  grams
Roasted Quince 100 grams4,73 grams
Green Apples 100 grams2,36 grams
Black grapes100 grams2,15 grams
Black figs100 grams4,39 grams
Green figs100 grams4,28 grams
Fresh Apricots3 medium1.8 grams
Dried apricots5 halfs1,4 grams
Dried palm fruits 31,9 grams
Dried plums 33 grams
Raisins1/4 cup3,1 grams
Apple13,5 grams
Banana1 medium2,4 grams
Melon1 piece, 60 grams.1,2 grams
Cherries200 grams1 grams
Grapefruit1 medium2,7 grams
Orange1 medium2,6 grams
Peach1 medium1,9 grams
Pineapple1/2 cup1,1grams
Strawberries1 cup3 grams


Foods QuantityFibers
Breakfast bran cereals (all bran)1/3 cup8,5 grams
Bran flakes3/4 cup4 grams
Special K 1 cup3,1 grams
Wrap bread100 grams2,3 grams
white bred (wheat) 100 grams2,2 grams
Brown bread (rye)100 grams grams
Brown bread (wheat) 100 grams5,6  grams
Brown bread (barley)100 grams6,23 grams
Bran bread (wholemeal)100 grams4,8 grams
Semolina100  grams2,51 grams
Rye pasta1 cup           3,9 grams
potato with its peels1 medium2,5 grams
Boiled bulgur                 100 grams2,1 grams
Barley rusk100 grams9,9 grams


Dried chickpeas100 grams15 grams
Steamed yellow Split peas100 grams10,8 grams
Steamed green Split peas100 grams9,04 grams
Lentils boiled100 grams7,6 grams
Flimsy lentils boiled100 grams15,5 grams
Giant beans boiled         100 grams8,8 grams
Dried large boiled beans100 grams12,2 grams
Dried boiled beans (medium size)100 grams        9,3 grams
Dried boiled beans (small)100 grams13,7 grams


Foods QuantityFibers
Peanuts                     1/4 cup         3,4 grams       
Sunflower seeds1/4 cup3,4 grams

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