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40 secrets you need to know to be fitter than ever

40 secrets
1. No spinach and celery in arthritis .

2. Not many kinds of protein foods in the same meal (fish , meat , chicken , feta cheese, yogurt ).
3. Dandruff is the result of constipation and eating a lot of meat.

4. Removing tonsil cause pharyngitis .

5. Abuse meat and eggs at a young age creates eczema (a skin disease) .

6. The dyspeptic have to watch salads with too much oil .

7. The nerve and brain atonic are caused, among with other reasons, due to the lack of organic minerals from your daily diet.

8. The wheat germ contains all sorts of vitamins.

9. Avoid the soles of shoes with rubber.

10. Start walking...

11. Binging creates all other diseases slowly, but inevitably .

12. A truly healthy person is one who says " I feel like a little kid"

13. Constipation weakens sexual urges.

14. Pregnant women often suffer from low hemoglobin and albumin because they eat food rich in scrapbooks and poor in minerals .

15. Chestnuts are slow to digest (5 hours).

16. Laxatives worsen constipation.

17. Cooking is the biggest cause for the destruction of the nutritional properties of food.

18. The oral malodor is caused due to lack of water .

19. Milk, buttermilk , cheese, halloumi should be avoid completely, for those who suffer from arthritis .

20. The frustration harmed health more than any other factor.

21. A diet for a few days with cherries eliminates bulges in the legs, which are caused by nephritis .

22. Diabetes creates itchy genitals.

23. Grapes irritating pimples on the face, but eventually they disappear.

24. Lettuce juice regularly, helps in the treatment of facial blemishes .

25. The value of a food should not be judged by the amount of calories but by the healthy content.

26. Diet , we do not do it to lose kilos , but for illnesses.

27. Potatoes we cook with roast, which have a lot of oil , cause indigestion.

28. Do not eat watermelon after a solid meal.

29. Eat watermelon when you are hungry .

30. Watermelon stops diarrhea .

31. Warm bread is harmful .

32. Avoid sleeping immediately after eating at night.

33. Nuts ( peanuts) with salt is one of the worst enemies .

34. The glory of ancient Sparta was due to the frugal diet and physical life of its inhabitants.

35. Chocolate in milk prevents the absorption of calcium.

36. Chocolate in small children, but in adults too, causes itching, headaches and asthma (of course , the frequent consumption) .

37. We should eat at fixed hours and not anytime.

38. Ice cream after a hearty meal is a criminal act for our health .

39. Enemas with garlic juice (2-3 teaspoons ) is useful for the destruction of worms , if are presented in the intestine ( thick ) .

40. Milk, pasta and scrapbooks (proteins ) are responsible for pimples in the face.

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