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Valuable tips you need to know about fitness

    about fitness
  1. Fitness is about the body and the brain together : Without a strong mind it's difficult to achieve high levels of physical fitness and especially durability. Here, we talk about the marathon and not sprint.
  2. Fitness helps indirectly all aspects of our lives: Being fit helps you to have palmy health, more energy and do better in your job, in your study, in your finances and your interpersonal relationships. The fitness will help you in a meaningful and practical way to justify your existence in this life.
  3. Lack of time is a very lame excuse to not bother with fitness! : Barely a fitness will help you fit more time in your day! See how productive are very fit people and how dramatically things can catch within 24 hours!
  4. Focused on health and productivity, not just t the appearance! Getting ripped is also good - but for how many people will eventually be a dominant criterion? The important thing is not to entangle with doctors, medicines and hospitals.
  5. In contrast to what many people believe, fitness almost need no money! But it creates money. After so many years it can be argued that you do not need gyms, expensive equipment, dietary supplements, expensive devices and sophisticated diet costs.You just need some knowledge, imagination, creativity and a minimum equipment.
  6. Watch your environment,which it should be sufficiently supportive! If you mess with people who are bored of their lives, sit all the time, eat without prudence, then it's going to be very difficult for you to get away.
  7. Do not get confused. The pillars of fitness, in terms of physiology, are resistance exercise, aerobic exercise and appropriate supportive nutrition. Moreover you can do activities like pilates, zumba, body jump, body pump, TRX etc. 
  8. Do not be fitness freaks! We exercise to live better, but we do not live just to workout! Make sure that your sociability will not be affected because of your healthy habits, as much as possible!
  9. Don't do excesses because always there is a risk of over-training and injury. Expand continually your limits but always with caution. There is no need of unnecessary and untimely moves!If you incidentally fall, get up immediately and continue your effort without temporary failures!
  10. Watch the weekends! This loose - mainly nutritionally - Weekend can and will undo all the efforts of five days! However, neither the habit of the weekend warriors is good! We are talking about a new way of life / lifestyle and this is independent from days, periods, moods, etc.
  11. Overtake quickly any magic solution! The laws of nature can not easily be subverted!
  12. Crosscheck your information! Regarding the sources of the knowledge, it is recommend to be extra cautious.Although I do not consider myself special - I am disappointed by the amount of misinformation that exists! 
  13. It's an insanity to continue for years habits and practices that do not lead to a measurable improvement. There are people who go to the gym for years and instead of building up something good, they severly! The reasons? Inconsistent, unacceptably low intensities, having no idea of diet etc. So if you do not see the desired progress change your methods!
  14. Watch your average trunk! Not only abs but also the lower back. View one at a time! The average body gives more problems than any other body part. The workout you skipped over is more than the lower part. Put on your program functional exercises 
  15.  If you only have a quarter to workout: Spend 2-3 minutes to warm up and then grab your heavy weights. Perform compound exercises and especially the "big five". We are talking about dead-lift,chest presses, rowing exercises, etc. Do not exceed the 10" break between sets. Prefer to do one for the upper body and one for the down part, alternately! You will get the credit and you will not believe the results! We believe that you will change your opinion about weights! You can name metabolic workout circuit training or whatever you want, this is the most effective workout you can do at home!
  16. I conclude with a few succinct advice on diet: No sugar and flour. Say no to foods that cause  intolerances! Look for them! Say no in liquid calories! Take adequate and high-quality protein from natural foods. Eat many fibrous vegetables and unprocessed foods with very few ingredients and most important, recognizable. Do very careful hydration.

Clearly, this list is not exhaustive and I would accept with pleasure and any of your own advice that could be included in a future post!

Be healthy, optimistic and always with a smile! :)

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