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Today I have a valuable article for you, which it should be read, especially if you want to build a bodybuilding or fitness body, or even if you just want a more beautiful body. We will refer to the choice of the basic foods which are proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Protein - Carbs - Fats

 Most of us, when we want to either lose weight or gain weight (muscle mass), we should pay full attention in exercising. Sometimes we begin going to the gym and working out like crazy, without being careful on what we eat, and very few of us try to eat a little better than before.
 Soon, we will wonder why we didn't lose any weight or why we didn't build any muscle mass and so in the end we decided to completely give up (which is the worst mistake), without considering what mistake we did to fix it. The blame is on the diet, 90% of us do not follow a proper diet, but waiting to see results in the first week.
In this article we will refer to the major choices that our every meals need to have . These options are fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Also, we are going to say, which of those food should be avoided.
Following these options you will soon see more and better results, whether you want to lose weight or build a better body.

Foods with protein, carbohydrates and fats


Protein sources should be eating
    proteins food
  • Chicken Breast: One of the most lean sources of high quality protein.
  • Turkey breast: Also, lean high quality protein.
  • Eggs (whites): Highest quality protein source (you can eat 1-2 yolks if you want along with 6 egg whites).
  • Salmon: Enriched with good fats, omega-3. Rich in creatine. Perfect taste.
  • Cod: Cheap, lean and nice fish.
  • Canned tuna fish: Inexpensive compared to other fish. Natural creatine.
  • Bream: Qualitative protein.
  • Swordfish: Quality protein
  • Filet mignon: Tasty meat, but not cheap, however worths a try.
  • Ox: Red meat is low in fat but expensive.
  • Lean red meat
  • Turkey bacon: Lean.
  • Ground Beef: The minced meat you are buying should be low in fat. Ideal for the period you are trying to make muscle volume. Contains creatine.
  • Beef:  Ideal for the period you are trying to make muscle volume. Rich in creatine.
  • Pork tenderloin: Prefer it with as little fat as it could be.
  • Cheese cottage: Protein slow in digestion, perfect before bedtime.

Protein sources which should be avoided as they can have a lot of fat

    proteins food
  • Chicken Nuggets: Minimum and crap quality protein.
  • Chicken with skin
  • Meat rich in fat
  • bacon
  • farmed fish
  • Dairy, fat-rich


Carbohydrate sources we should eat
  • vegetables
  • legumes
  • Oats: Carbohydrate slow in digestion, suitable for our breakfast.
  • fruits
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Brown and white rice
  • Wholemeal bread
Carbohydrate sources should avoid
    Carbohydrate  fruits, vegetables
  • white bread
  • potato chips
  • Soft drinks and fruit drinks
  • Whatever has added sugar


      Sources of fats are good
      • Virgin olive oil: 1-2 teaspoons at every meal.
      • linseed oil
      • Fish Oil
      • Almonds and walnuts

      olive oil
      Sources of fat should avoid
      • margarine
      • vegetable oil
      • corn
      • All fried
      • avocado

      Now we list the good foods and all those that should be avoided, so now when we go for shopping we are going to prefer buying good and quality foods. Finally, we will say some short tips that some of us may not know or forgot.
      1. Eat frequent, small meals during the day.
      2. Each lunch should contain protein, carbohydrate and good fat.
      3. Eat lots of vegetables in every meal to get fiber.
      4. Drink plenty of water.
      have a good diet and effectively workouts! :)

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