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glycemic indexGlycemic index is a pointer associated with the type of carbohydrate . It ranks them with respect to the influence they have - after eaten - in the rise in our blood sugar or more accurately in its fluctuations .

The glycemic index refers, as we said in carbohydrates and has little interest in fats and proteins.

The glycemic index was originally used to help diabetics on dietary choices, but quickly it became obvious that it could also help those involved in fitness.

Another relevant and more useful indicator is the glycemic load. The glycemic load apart from the type of carbohydrate, it takes account of its quantity too.

Due to this reason, the use of the classification of carbohydrates, as to their effect on the rise of blood sugar, is more practical, reliable and realistic .

The glycemic index is neither a miracle nor a panacea !

Nevertheless , a general knowledge of the relevant theory will help us to reach such dietary choices that will ensure stability in the level of our sugar, ie without significant ups and downs.

In addition, it helps us to avoid unpleasant situations such as drowsiness , fatigue in mind blur e.t.c.

Exercisers and glycemic index
The relevant theory is mainly used for proper selection of meals before and after workouts.

The pre- sport meal should be based on low glycemic index carbohydrates . So there will be a better control of blood sugar during exercise. Also the case of hypoglycaemia will be avoided, as it can have devastating impact on program performance .

However, after exercising the emphasis should be given to high-glycemic carbohydrates which will raise blood sugar levels and therefore insulin secretion, to aid rapid synthesis and replenishment of glycogen consumed.

conclusion :

Use the related theory, but with some caution.

Of particular importance are :

- The caloric intake

- The frequency of meals

- The ratio of macronutrients .

Eat as much as possible raw foods and especially those containing large amounts of fiber.

Wish you always be healthy and have good workouts :)

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